the theatrical experience of the future! Three renegade time travelers beam to present-day from the year 3037 A.X. (“After Xenocide”). They come bearing a warning of the inevitable end of all humanity. Their mission: To save a select group of approved candidates – and why heck, that includes you! With gobs of futuristic technology, a vast array of survival knowledge, and a Teflon-clad will to live, Astronaut Z, his cyborg companion Dr. Doomstache, and alien advisor Gregory Tamborsky will attempt to spit in the face of all odds by time-jumping the audience past the big A.P., and into the future.

Director: Dan Rothenberg

Perfromers/creators: Justin Jain, David Johnson, Bradley K Wrenn

Writer/creator: Tim Sawicki

Designers: Set - Lisi Stoessel, Lights - Tim Sawicki